AUKS-104 Summoned! !Lesbian Slave Rental Villa NIMO Hikari Ogawa

AUKS-104 Heed The Summons!! A Private Cabin That Cums Complete With Lesbian Slaves NIMO Himari Ogawa Morning, mail arrives in Himari who was dressed of arrival. I opened the house door, which I thought was “Now come! Lesbian slave NIMO” abandoned house … there is a lesbian parallel world! Different space there is the woman meets the pleasure of calling desire and the body of the woman. Rezukisu raw saliva exchange and armpit licking milk licking Zuriman crazy! Fucking cowgirl Man Job shellfish alignment! Without desire insatiable of women each other last forever ….

Release Date:Aug. 11, 2019
Runtime:153min.  (HD: 153min.)
Director:Roshilvia Takiguchi
Studio:U & K
Label:U & K

Content ID:auks00104

朝、出社の身支度をしていたひまりにメールが届く。「いますぐ来て!レズ奴隷NIMO」 廃屋だと思ってた家のドアを開けると…そこはレズビアンパラレルワールド!そこは女が女を呼出し欲望と肉体の快楽を満たす異空間。レズキスなま唾交換・腋舐め乳舐めズリマン狂い!パイズリ騎乗位マン舐め貝合わせ!女同士の飽くなき欲求は永遠に続く…。

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